THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!!!!! They are EVERYWHERE… Except in Monopoly!



Let’s face it, Monopoly is AMAZING!  I don’t recal ever being part of a group that said “No” when someone pulled out Monopoly!  Today, there are SO many versions of this great game… Except for Zombies!  I get it, they gave us Resident Evil and they probably are unable to put together a generalized board due to licensing.  I know I wouldn’t be able to afford the copywrite licenses that would go into a massive board like this!  BUT… That doesn’t mean I can’t work around that! 

Several family members and friends, including myself, are very big into Zombies.  Specifically, we spend WAY to much time on Call of Duty: Black Ops.  In searching for the perfect gift for this holiday season, I was thown aback to find out that there isn’t a Zombies version of this great game.  I did find a british version that someone created, and I must say that it is really great! I especially love the center of the board, however this is just a board.  It would make for a great jumping off point. Let’s see what we can make of this.

After reviewing several website, I found that most monopoly boards have a color seen in a pattern feel to them. Let’s see what we can make!

Please take the survey above so we can make an even better game.

~ Yours Faithfull,

Jilly Bean


About Angela

After leaving radio and audio production to move out of Florida, my Husband had perposed the option of staying on the morning of our move. Deciding to stay opened the door to a new opportunity and direction in both of our lives. We found a group of local Filmmakes and have been learning, and producing low budget (Or in SAG terms, Ultra Low Budget which is anything under $200,000.00. Rediculas, I know!) ever since. One day, we will be producing a film that is well over a Low Budget film that will change the perspectives of all who see it.

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