We are all the same


We are all in the same boat, clinging to life and trying to make our way through the ocean of life. We often forget that we are not alone and to make this journey better, we should be helping each other, not afraid to open our armes and hearts. Our lives would be less stressed and chaotic with a stronger community. We have been programmed that everyone is essentially “bad.” The truth us that only a very few people are this way and many are crested by a society that isn’t understanding or open to them.


About Angela

After leaving radio and audio production to move out of Florida, my Husband had perposed the option of staying on the morning of our move. Deciding to stay opened the door to a new opportunity and direction in both of our lives. We found a group of local Filmmakes and have been learning, and producing low budget (Or in SAG terms, Ultra Low Budget which is anything under $200,000.00. Rediculas, I know!) ever since. One day, we will be producing a film that is well over a Low Budget film that will change the perspectives of all who see it.

What are your thoughts?

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