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Cowboys & Aliens

A surprisingly entertaining take on the typical cowboys and Indians.  With a relatively broad group of characters that arch throughout the film, you are given the opportunity to truly care about these people and ride along with them as they fight against the aliens.  I am almost tempted to go back and count the number of shots of Daniel Craig’s Ass!  Seriously, though.  While I enjoy seeing this hansom man’s backside, this is a limit that they most certainly crossed in this film.  It’s not like you get the same with the other characters, just Daniel Craig.  

Aside from the yummy Daniel Craig eye candy of him lookin’ hot in his cowboy outfit, this film was actually entertaining.  Some of the plot was a little predictable, but I would say mostly for the character stories, not the actual alien plot.  The girl’s story was kind of interesting and not anything I would have expected!
I am not a western fan in general, but this had enough excitement and character development to hold my attention and over all, I actually enjoyed this!  I really thought they were going to take this in a really different direction.  I am glad they didn’t!
Definitely worth a watch!

Prometheus: Sneak Peek


OMG, I want SOOOOOOO bad to like this film!  Even now, after seeing what an abomination the film was, the trailer still makes it look so epic, I want to see it.  That’s just wrong! LOL!  For that reason alone, I may try to give this POS another viewing so that I can share with you have terrible it really is… But it’s SOOO BAD!  Ug… frustrated… Thanks HBO GO and your Epic extended Sneak Peek of this crap!  

I think what frustrates me the most was that this  film could have been SO good!  It is the short cuts, the lack of thought, incite  or attention to detail that really made this film bomb.  Characters that are unneeded, plot points that are never explained, or unnecessary  and worst of all idiot conveniences that were there for no reason.  If those points would have been better thought through, if the characters would have been better developed, especially the unneeded ones because I certainly saw potential there, this film could truly have been epic.  I have lost my faith in Ridley Scott because of the lack of care in this film.  

Ok… I have convinced myself to do it…  I will fight through the crap and sit through Prometheus once again for this review.  It will be coming very soon…

“The Fountain” (2006)


The Fountain (2006)

I write to you tonight as the gentle glow of the moonlight is reflected in the glistening teardrops adorning my cheeks.  I am humbled.  I am nothing more than a woman in love that fears a life without her better half. This film defies time and space to reach deep inside your soul.  It reminds you to grasp the fleeting moments we have on this little blue planet and reflects upon the fear we will all one-day face, death.  I enjoyed the symbolism and applaud these visionaries for keeping the theme strong throughout. In life there is death and death gives life.  Although we are all destined to parish, we constantly better ourselves to avoid the inevitable.  Those great leaps help future generations to life longer giving us more time to truly live.  Without death, what is the value of life?

Hugh Jackman plays a scientist conflicted with his own fear of losing his dying wife, Rachel Weisz.  She is plagued by a tumor that he spends his life trying to fix.  Even with the advances he makes, they are too late. I am young, and fear the moment when my husband and I will be taken from each other into the uncertain. Some believe there is an afterlife, a heaven, or even that we will be reborn.  This film made me reflect on the inner understanding that we are all a part of nature and are only given a short time to enjoy this gift.  Jackman’s character is taken through stages of grief, from denial, anger, and into acceptance. When we realizes that death is life, is able to let go and move on knowing that the gift he has was meant to help others in his same situations.  Weisz’s death will help others live.

While in a bubble of his own creation, Jackman brings a tree that at first we are lead to believe is the tree of life.  I believe the vision of this tree was more a reflection on his own inner desire to save Weisz.  The tree, in essence, represented her.  The stories parallel a book that Weisz writes about a Conquistador that is sent looking for the tree of life by the Queen of Spain.  In her condition, she learned to make piece with death and understood that her death is only the beginning of life.  She was not afraid and was able to convey this in her book.  By asking Jackman to finish it, he was able to face his daemons and allow that fear and loneliness to die, making way for the creation of a new man, and a new world of medicine.

The visuals were incredible; they used light to help tell the story. The symbolism helped to drive the story, and while confusing at times, the story made a statement about life and death.  I really enjoyed this film and will certainly be adding it to my collection.  I am unsure how it took me this long to find this film, maybe in our early relationship, this film wouldn’t have made as much since to me.  I am glad that I watched “The Fountain.” If you get nothing more for this blog, I do recommend anyone that has ever been in love, to see this film.

We are all the same


We are all in the same boat, clinging to life and trying to make our way through the ocean of life. We often forget that we are not alone and to make this journey better, we should be helping each other, not afraid to open our armes and hearts. Our lives would be less stressed and chaotic with a stronger community. We have been programmed that everyone is essentially “bad.” The truth us that only a very few people are this way and many are crested by a society that isn’t understanding or open to them.

THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!!!!! They are EVERYWHERE… Except in Monopoly!



Let’s face it, Monopoly is AMAZING!  I don’t recal ever being part of a group that said “No” when someone pulled out Monopoly!  Today, there are SO many versions of this great game… Except for Zombies!  I get it, they gave us Resident Evil and they probably are unable to put together a generalized board due to licensing.  I know I wouldn’t be able to afford the copywrite licenses that would go into a massive board like this!  BUT… That doesn’t mean I can’t work around that! 

Several family members and friends, including myself, are very big into Zombies.  Specifically, we spend WAY to much time on Call of Duty: Black Ops.  In searching for the perfect gift for this holiday season, I was thown aback to find out that there isn’t a Zombies version of this great game.  I did find a british version that someone created, and I must say that it is really great! I especially love the center of the board, however this is just a board.  It would make for a great jumping off point. Let’s see what we can make of this.

After reviewing several website, I found that most monopoly boards have a color seen in a pattern feel to them. Let’s see what we can make!

Please take the survey above so we can make an even better game.

~ Yours Faithfull,

Jilly Bean