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Cowboys & Aliens

A surprisingly entertaining take on the typical cowboys and Indians.  With a relatively broad group of characters that arch throughout the film, you are given the opportunity to truly care about these people and ride along with them as they fight against the aliens.  I am almost tempted to go back and count the number of shots of Daniel Craig’s Ass!  Seriously, though.  While I enjoy seeing this hansom man’s backside, this is a limit that they most certainly crossed in this film.  It’s not like you get the same with the other characters, just Daniel Craig.  

Aside from the yummy Daniel Craig eye candy of him lookin’ hot in his cowboy outfit, this film was actually entertaining.  Some of the plot was a little predictable, but I would say mostly for the character stories, not the actual alien plot.  The girl’s story was kind of interesting and not anything I would have expected!
I am not a western fan in general, but this had enough excitement and character development to hold my attention and over all, I actually enjoyed this!  I really thought they were going to take this in a really different direction.  I am glad they didn’t!
Definitely worth a watch!